Thursday, March 5, 2009

Washing the Rig and Shopping

Today I worked most of the morning, and into the afternoon on washing the outside of the RV.  It had not been washed since we left Kansas back on the first of October.

The dust of the winter desert is deposited daily, and then washed away with the occasional rain.  This leaves a grimy film that dulls the luster of the fiberglass, and is hard to get off.  So a scrub brush and five gallon bucket was required.  Using dish soap, progress was slow.  But now we are back to the usual only somewhat dirty exterior.

That about killed me, but by mid afternoon, we headed down to Casa Grande.  We went to the Tanger outlet mall, hoping to find a Hagar men’s store like the one in Lake Ozark, Missouri.  But the trip was a bust as that store was not part of the mall.

But we went up town, as Loyce had heard there was a quilt store in the downtown area.  And after some slow driving around, we found it.  She spent some time inside, but didn’t seem too impressed.

There is a large mall area East of Interstate 10, and I went into a JC Penny looking for some Golf, pull over shirts.  And I came away with two new shirts. 

It took us well after dark to get back to Mesa, and I’m sure we could have gone to a Penny’s here much more easily, but that is hind sight now.  We buzz around here in Arizona, like it was Iowa or Missouri.  We have been over most of the roads, and trips are repetitive.  Must really be time to leave.

Not much excitement here, just slowly preparing to get hitched up and on the road by Monday, after sitting in one place for four months.  It seems as though nothing is in its place for travel, so getting organized to leave is a much larger task.

Retired Rod

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  1. Rod,

    I was heading east today into Texas and notice a Haggars at the mall at Exit 8 on I-10 in Texas.


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