Monday, March 16, 2009

Blazing Star, San Antonio

We are at the Blazing Star campground near the entrance of Sea World West of downtown San Antonio, Texas.  All our kids are at the SW park as I write this.  We would not have chosen this place with the exception of that fact.

The office is really nice, with a log cabin style building, but the sites are in a single word, CLOSE.  Dang close, but they are concrete drives.  Texas has had little or no rain, so the used to be grass is mostly brown stuff, with leaves on it from last fall.  The trees do have new leaves now, that must be really young.

It did warm up today after about 2 PM.  Suddenly the sun broke thru the clouds and the temp shot up over 60, reaching 66 by late in the afternoon.

We had driven downtown to the Alamo, and the river walk area.  All of the lots on the corners had signs out that said ‘full’.  The parking garages were doing brisk business.  We drove over the bridge next to the red metal statue, that we think is the center of things, and there were so many folks on the walk way, that those on the stairway down had no where to go.

This was the same way for much of the U shape of the walk, East of the main river.  Rounding the corner and driving North past the Alamo, was wall to wall folks in a long doubled back line waiting to get into the front gate.  Wow.  We drove around some, expanding the circle.  Out past the Tower of America and back to the center of town again.  The line seemed longer.

Loyce decided that since we have been down at the river side before, that it wasn’t worth the fight to stand along a crowded river bank.

We did see the Fuddruckers that is on Alamo Street, and it had folks standing in the door waiting to get to the counter.  I punched in Fuddruckers to the GPS and there was another out on 410 bypass, to the West of downtown.  So we left the crowd.

This new restaurant also was a mad house, but we stood in line inside at least.  They were out of sweet potato fries,  but the manager told us the story of why they have them.  Seems they added them to the menu as a specialty item during the Thanksgiving holiday.  As a seasonal item until they were gone.  They were an instant hit, and have been on the menu ever since.  They sell faster than he can get supplied.

At dusk, we hear a lawn mower grinding away at a neighbors grass in the private residences behind our fence.  Dogs are barking and the kids are riding by on bicycles and skate boards.

Spring has come back to San Antonio.

Retired Rod

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