Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This and That

We are in the waiting to leave phase now.  We have done everything we can think of in the Phoenix area, and have eaten at many of the good restaurants, and a few stinkers too.

Last night we went to the Sea Food Restaurant, on Val Vista and Baseline.  This is Loyce’s favorite meal, as she enjoys almost every selection available on the menu.  She had Mahi Mahi.  Now I was boring as usual in the seafood restaurant, and ordered coconut encrusted shrimp.  They were quite good but a little too sweet for the sugar restricted diet.

We came home stuffed, and were not overly hungry for breakfast this morning. 

In fact we hung around the trailer this morning, and sat out under the awning and attached sun canopy.  The sun canopy was purchased from the folks at the DonWes flea market down in Texas last year.  Our door and awning are on the East side, and the morning sun is low on the horizon, and make sitting out in the morning a sunny (hot) experience.

Our new neighbor, with the big semi tractor class C motor home came over, and we enjoyed his many stories about North Texas.  Thanks Rob.  He’s in the auto industry and has unlimited tales to relate.

By early afternoon we were off looking for some lunch and a notary. Seems that we still needed more forms to transfer the Corolla title to the insurance company.  Will it ever end?

We did look at some interesting double wide park model homes in the Park across the street from Mesa Spirit.  If we were not into RVing, the rest of the year, and did not have the expenses of the lake home, this would be a good alternative for the winter.

Kind of a worthless day, but the insurance adjusters are happier. Loyce is working on some new little doll quilts, and having fun.  So all is well.

Retired Rod

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