Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breakfast for dinner

This evening It was breakfast for dinner night. I came in on this after the plans had been made. So I never understood what started this idea. But heck, I didn’t care, I like breakfast anytime. So count me in. Mark from RVing with Poppa is in the dark purple shirt in the back of the room. He must have been one of the originators of the plan.


Either that or he was volunteered by the planners. But he is the egg cook. He is boiling scrambled eggs. The fellow with the freezer bag has the raw eggs and fixings ready for the hot water treatment.


Man that bag is hot! Does it look done? Nope not runny!


Here our happy recipient is receiving his omelet.


After a trip thru the side dish line, Speedy is looking quite happy about his breakfast.


I didn’t get a picture of the frozen peanut butter, ice cream graham cracker pie, but it hopped into my stomach rapidly. Mmmmm, thanks Brenda. You should have been here. Had we been here all week, we would have gained ten pounds.

This afternoon we had a visit here in the park from Sandra, of Nightly News. We have read her blog for more than a year now, and we were very happy to meet her in person. She is camped in another camp ground, that has a more natural setting on the river just outside of Kerrville. If you read Sandra’s blog, she is always taking her morning walk, and relating with words and pictures the sights she encounters. As they travel, these walks take you thru a diversity of natural settings, and wild life. She keeps us suspensed to learn of her daily encounters.

Having never met before, we visited for most of an hour as though we were old friends. Happy travels Gordon and Sandra, and Loyce and I are loyal readers!

Powerful things these blogs, we need to use them carefully.

Retired Rod

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  1. To answer your query about LLC's (posted on Howard's site)...

    Each state has its own rules about these out-of-state RV's being used by their residents; you should comply with those rules, else risk being tracked down for back taxes & penalties.

    In some states, like Calif, it's simply a matter of having the RV in another state more days per year than in Calif -- then you need to comply with that other state's rules about out-of-state visitors; your LLC attorney can provide you the rules for your situation.


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