Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rockport, Tx

I was up before dawn, for another travel day. Loyce and I really didn’t like the Blazing Star Rv Resort all that well. It is cramped, and had the camper on our door side been someone other than our son and family, it would have really felt confining.

I went over to the bath house, and there was a family in one of the private bathrooms, and the kids were screaming at the top of their lungs. The mother was not in that room with the kids, but rather in the next bathroom. She kept yelling at the top of her lungs, “I can’t figure out what’s wrong with you kids.” To my knowledge she never did go investigate.

And so it goes during Spring Break week. The bathroom was out of TP, towels, hand soap, and hot water! The floor was like someone had thrown in a shovel of sand, the shower was loaded with dark hair. There were over 240 spots and there were only three of these little huts with four individual unisex rooms. I went back and showered in my rig.

We were on the road by 10 and in Corpus Christi by 1:30. But then the drive up to Aransas Pass takes another half and hour. We stood around and waited while the desk guy went thru his spreadsheet trying to find our reservation. But finally all was well and we are in the back of the Last Resort RV Park on an brand new site. With trees.

I had to center our rig just so,between the trees, in order to get the slide out, which slid under the nasty crooked branch of an old oak tree. The salt sea air really mangles the trees down here and they look, well, all crooked. The awning does not slide out all the way, before hitting the tree on the other side. The grass is green, and the site has brand new concrete, and is clean and white. New picnic table too. The first site with a table since we were at a KOA back in November.

I understand that a growing number of the RV Dreams Chat Room folks are planning, and have reservations to spend three months next winter here in this very back area of the park. It is peaceful and serene back here with no highway noise and only some small carriage lights at the fronts of the sites. It is quite dark in the old oak trees at night, and seems almost private.

Loyce went up and did some laundry, late in the afternoon, but was not overly impressed that the room was too clean. I did decide that John Brown is over in the next row of sites to the North of us, but did not wander over that way, since we had to go to our son’s site in Pioneer RV Park out on mustang island, and go out to dinner.

We went to Fin’s Icehouse and Grill, a place that we have been to last year and enjoyed. Tonight the special was Mahi Mahi stuffed with crab and shrimp, served on a bed of rice and asparagus spears. That was good!

We drove up into Rockport once we made it back over the ferry, just to remind ourselves of the lay of the land. It was only last year, but the memory does get a tad foggy at this age. LOL

Retired Rod

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