Monday, March 23, 2009

From Overland Park, Kansas

We left the camp ground at 11 this morning, taking advantage of the full hookups to wash and clean the inside of the Rig. We do not have anything more than 15 amp and a garden hose here at the house, so cleaning is easier at the last campground of an extended trip.

The wind liked to blow us off the road today, as we travelled the turnpike. It was from the South but once you get to Wichita, you turn Northeast and at times due East. The the crossing wind wants to put a 30 foot travel trailer in the ditch. Since it weighs more than the truck, this is a real battle.

But we are now home, and have three months of mail to go thru, and a mound of stuff that we brought in from the RV, to get put away. We were both astounded that we had that much stuff with us. We swore we would not take that much again next year. Yea Right!

So here it is late at night, sitting in what seems to be a huge house, with the hearth room I am sitting in being larger than the entire trailer, still staring into the computer screen. At least this is a desktop, that is somewhat easier on my eyes.

We will have to finish the clean out of the trailer tomorrow, and get it over to storage, but tonight we are both glad to be off the road for a little while.

Retired Rod

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  1. Glad to see you made it home safe and sound. I am not looking forward to our 40 hour trek home. Take Care you two

    Brenda Brown


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