Thursday, March 26, 2009

Off to Storage

Outside today and finished all the little things that I needed to get done to store the RV.  Empty this cupboard, cleanout that storage locker. On and on.

We have to park the RV in the Driveway after our run in with the cranky neighbor that calls the police at the drop of a hat last fall.  We have 72 hours to get everything straightened around, and the RV has to leave.  Our 72 was up!

So right on schedule, I hooked up and towed it away.  I’m sure she was watching out her front window, with the phone in hand ready to call the cops.  We’re from Iowa, and don’t have our suspenders fastened to our ear rings.  Talk about up tight.  LoL.

At the new storage place, the nice gal that made my reservation, was replaced by an older gal that was not impressed with my reservation, and assigned my paperwork to a younger fellow that had never started a parking customer before.  It took about a half an hour to get him thru the contract, and the computer entry to get me registered.

They have a penalty schedule that increases the amount of rent daily if you are late.  Starting with day three, and by day 25 you owe two months rent for that month.  By day 60 they have taken title to all your stuff and will refuse to give anything back.  This is largely set up for the door locker building, but still I wonder what I have just signed up for.  God help me if I am a day late paying.

It has really turned cold here and rainy overcast.  It is to be below freezing by Saturday night.  I may have to go winterize the water lines if the freeze appears to be prolonged.

I wonder why we came back here before April 1st?

Retired Rod

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  1. Well, it's warm here but we're having some pretty good storms although last nights did go north of us so we didn't experience any tornadoes (we were on a tornado watch) or the 60 mph winds forecast for some areas near here. I listened to the NOAA radio for a long time telling us to get to shelter. I woke Gordon up but he wasn't concerned so I went to bed too. We got heavy rain and some thunder and lightning but nothing like what NOAA was describing. So maybe the weather you're having isn't so bad!


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