Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pop Corn and a Hot Dog

Routine day here, crawled under the trailer with a can of  lithium grease to lub the crank up jacks.  They are the manual models.  None of that fancy electric stuff all you other RVers have. Get your hand crank handle out, and bend down real low to the ground, and start cranking the big screw jacks.

They tend to rust when left in one position for a long period of time.  Four months here in Mesa would be a long time, so spray grease is in order.

Then I took the cover off the LP gas tanks and brought out the bathroom scales.  Tank and gas weighed 45 lbs.  The tank weight empty stamped on the handle was 25.5, so that leaves 19.5 lbs of gas.  They are 30 lb tanks, but you can only put 80% in them so that is 24 lbs.  So we have used 4.5 lbs and that is equal to one gallon.  The tanks hold about 5 gallons each, and we have 9 out of the ten total gallon capacity.  Haven’t used much gas this winter, only for cooking.  I do have the peace of mind knowing exactly how much we have left.

In the afternoon, Loyce made another of her daily trips to JoAnn’s fabrics, but I didn’t get to go along since I was up at the country store gathering, buying pop corn.  In the red and white movie style boxes.  They sell them along with hot dogs and today the soup was potato.  I only bought one hot dog, and the pop corn.  This will be my last country store for this winter.  The attendance was off quite a bit today, as many folks have left for home.

Later, along towards evening, I went over and had the oil changed in the truck.  It had only 2500 miles on it but was over on time, since it hadn’t been changed since September.  The truck has set here a lot this winter without being driven.

Tonight we went back to Garcia’s for supper, as again that will be the last time we will visit this fine establishment this winter as well.

Cooler tonight, as a cold front is moving in from California. Caused a bunch of rain for them, but perhaps we can get by with only some cool days.

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