Friday, March 13, 2009

Kerrville and Fredricksburg

It was cold here this morning (36 by the dash of the truck). Still raining some, and windy but we were out to have a look around the Buckhorn Lake Resort campground. This is the big red barn that is the activity center, and the smaller social room that is to the left side.


We are parked at the round about right off of the entrance street. Next to the windmill. It is the real thing, Aermotor, like on the farm.


I don’t think I have ever had a putting green out my back door before. This is behind the site next to us between the lots in back of us. These are the back in sites that are cheaper! They are about 60 feet deep!


Across the street there is a barbecue area, that they hold parties in. On warmer days of course. It is the dark area with the stack on the fire pit.


All of these pictures were taken standing in the same place.

From the front of our site looking East. The Montana across from the white pickup is Jessie and Ginger. Speedy and Sherri are the second Dark Fronted Carri Lite beyond J&G.


Looking West, the dark Motorhome is Mark and Dortha but we do not know where the others are here in the park. Later, learned that the big 5er was Rollie and Gina.


Today we went to Fredricksburg which is 22 miles North. This is a old German town from the 1800’s This is the Pioneers Memorial at a park in the center of town.


Pioneers Library


Another quilt shop.


Shops along the main street. Shopping is the main attraction for this town.


None of these shops were quilting supplies. They buy quilts that are commercially made and sell them for big prices.


This old brick building is the restaurant that we had our German lunch in. Der Lindenbaum. It was good, but both Loyce and I thought the German potato salad was too sweet. The Kraut was good, and sour too.


Tonight, we went to the Mr Gatti’s Pizza joint on the South side of downtown Kerrville, and met with all the RV Dreams Chatroom folks that are here in the park for the “gathering”. They are getting together to have group meals, and invited us as soon as they knew we were here. Instant friendship, and we are grateful for the opportunity.

I was familiar with many of these fine folks from reading all the RV blogs that are listed along the side of this blog. I can not begin to tell you all the folks we met, and would surely leave someone out if I tried. But all of them made us feel right at home as we were the new kids in town. We had never really met anyone before, but somehow we were not with strangers because they have all shared their lives with us thru their blogs. A neat feeling!

They all came back and went to the game room here in the park for more good times, but we needed to call Ben and see how they were coming along. They are on the road and headed this way, so we talked for quite a while keeping them company as they drove.

A big day, and we are both killed, so I will try to post this thru the slow Wifi here in the park. With the pictures, that may be tough, so I will quit for now.

Retired Rod

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