Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the Beach Saint Patrick’s Day

I’m not Irish, and am not aware of any relative that was.  So I have no long lost Irish story to relate, and I didn’t put any green food color in my beer today as well.

This afternoon we went out on the beach, as is the custom here in South Texas, and drove up and down checking out all the folks.  Mostly kids walking, listening to their boom boxes, and checking out each other.  These are out the windshield.


Oh yah, my truck is green, so maybe that is Irish, somewhat, well maybe not!

When we were here last year, we would come out here and find vast stretches of the beach that had no cars at all.  But not today.  In some places they were parked three rows deep along the top of the surf.  And the tide was coming in. 


We drove down and back for about 20 miles, the wind was cool the temps in the 60’s and the water is only 62, but the sun is warm and swim suits abound.  Loyce won’t let me take pictures of those, LOL. 

While we were waiting to catch the ferry, I took this picture of a passing freighter in the channel.  I was struggling to drive and run the camera at the same time, so the front is concealed by the beach …………. outhouses.  Oh well.


Candid shots are how we all perceive life every day, so sometimes they do as good a job telling the story as the posed ones.

We were up early, and had a good breakfast of pancakes and eggs.  When I returned from the shower house, I looked again at the tire that I plugged in Colorado, and have been airing when we leave someplace.  I had aired it yesterday, and it was almost flat today.  Now that’s a bunch faster than it had been leaking.  So after closing the slide and jacking up the trailer, it was removed and in my truck.  I had to disconnect that from the trailer as well.

So Loyce and myself set out to find a Goodyear store in Corpus.  We did find one using the database in the GPS, but drove around thru lots of traffic to get there.  The guy claimed he didn’t have a replacement, but then looked thru all his papers and did some cross referencing and brought one to the showroom. Well good, how much, $163 mounted and balanced.  Ouch, I only paid $124 in November for one in Oklahoma City.  But what are you going to do?

So then we had What a Burgers, and headed out onto the beach from the Corpus end of the Island.  All the grandkids were in the pool at Pioneer RV, and were about totaled out, needing naps.  So that is how we got out, driving up and down the beach by ourselves.  Along with a minor traffic jam of Spring Break wacko’s.  And the cops that were busting folks right and left, for looking cross eyed at them.  Buddy, I think you’ve had tooooo many beers!

It took us an hour in line to catch the ferry back to the mainland, at 5 to 6 PM.  The longest we have every waited, and they were running all 6 ferries, another thing we have never seen before.

After the tire was back on the trailer, and we were set back up for travel, John and Brenda came by on their afternoon travels around the park.  Of course we had to go thru the events after we all left Kerrville, and we hope to get together again before we leave here this weekend.  They are so fun to be with.

Tonight, we went to the Big Fisherman restaurant, that is around the corner from the entrance of this park.  Never went there before I read Dortha and Mark’s, and Ellie and Jim’s blogs from January.  They seemed to live at the place, so we had to check that out too.  It was big inside, and the meal was mostly sea food, and Loyce pronounced it as ‘quite good’.  So that will be a ‘do over’ before we leave.

Let see, it was late, but we went to the laundry in downtown Aransas Pass, and cranked  off a couple of loads, arriving back here about 10.

Now why am I falling asleep typing this?

Retired Rod

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  1. hope to see you for a good visit before you head out. Brenda Brown


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