Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fort Stockton, Tx

The Fort Stockton, Texas RV Park, is an old KOA park that has dropped out of the system. It is still the same park that it always was, but has lost the listing in the KOA propaganda. So now the price was $28 and $24 after a Good Sam discount.

What’s not to like about that? We arrived here at 6:15 PM after yet again setting our clocks ahead another hour. This time it was the change from Mountain time to Central time. Heck we have no idea what time it is. Its like we came back from California on the jet.

We left the Escapee Park before 10 and headed to Las Cruces. This was only 60 miles or so and the morning was crisp, but to us cold at 42 degrees. We drove right thru and didn’t stop. Well until we got to the Texas State line.

We needed gas and hauled into the Pilot at mile stick Zero. That didn’t take all that long, but the clock was running. Remember my wanting to find a Haggar Outlet Store last week? John Brown of John and Brenda’s Incredible Adventure commented that the Outlets at the 6 mile stick of Texas, had the Haggar store I was looking for. So we parked in their giant parking lot, car truck and trailer, and went to investigate.

Well after 5 new shirts, and all on really good sales, we were out of there. Thanks John!

But now Loyce had to go to Wal Mart too. That road and parking lot was an absolute zoo. I ended up pulling the trailer right past the front door, as that was the only path to the street without high curbs, that were too tight to turn a 50 foot rig around. Cars everywhere, I parked and sat right along the Fire Lane. Man was I glad to see that place behind me.

I 10 goes right thru the downtown area of El Paso, with the zooming cars that have to pass you on all sides, and the lanes that end up becoming exit lanes, as you have to continually work your way left. I was glad to see El Paso behind me too.

West Texas on I 10 is neat to look at, but is mostly nothing. Brown winter desert, and big hills, almost mountains that goes for ever! Here in Fort Stockton, we are at mile stick 264, and I think we went thru maybe three towns getting here from El Paso. I was glad to get off the road.

There is a restaurant right here in the RV Park, and we went there for supper tonight. It was good! A bit like eating right in your own kitchen, but with 8 or more old fashioned tables.

Tonight, it has begun to rain again, and it is to be in the 40’s before morning. The rain is to extend into the weekend, so our shopping in Fredricksburg might be wet and chilly. But what the heck!

Retired Rod

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