Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oasis RV Park, South Haven, Kansas

We left the KOA at the exact stroke of 10 AM.  Loyce even pointed it out that we were right on our schedule. LoL.

We drove to Fort Worth at 60 MPH, and never slowed once.  Right over I 20, and then I 30 past the downtown area, and never slowed.  This is too good to be true!

And so it was, as I looked ahead, the traffic came to a complete stop.  Not even crawling, just stop.  And then ever so sloooooooooowly we inched ahead, at about a half car length at a time.  For about 4 miles. An hour passed, and we finally determined that we had road construction.

Once we got to the barricades, we were squeezed to one lane, and routed onto the shoulder, to pass men pouring concrete into sections of the road that had be removed down to the gravel underlayment.  So four lanes of traffic had to pass on the single lane shoulder. 

We got off at the ‘Pilot station’ that we always find, and bought gas and lunch. 

Oklahoma seemed to go on for ever, and I 35 is wash boardy,  Ka Thup, Ka Thup.  Shook the truck at a different pace than the trailer, so they seemed to fight against one another in a jerky fashion.  Tried to shake the new fillings from my teeth.

We looked at the RV Park that we stayed at back in November on the South side of Oky City, but decided to press on.  So we will arrive in good time tomorrow.

So we are here in the Oasis RV park on the West side of the Interstate about 4 miles over the Kansas, Oklahoma border.  The place is all gravel, out in the middle of a field.  But we have full hookups and free Wifi.  What more could you want?

The Shower Room is Spartan, with only one working shower in the ladies, per Loyce.  No, I didn’t go look!

And yes the traffic is roaring by at the full interstate speed, but this is the last night of our winter RV adventure for this year, so I will savor the experience, until next year.

Retired Rod

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