Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Bye Dreamers!

Because we have the Toyota car, we do not often disconnect the truck from the trailer.  Right now we  have not had them separated since we hitched in Phoenix.  That was last Monday morning.

So as we prepared to leave the campground, our chores were minimal. Drain the tanks, roll up hoses and the light cord.  But we have the stabilizer jacks to crank up, but it still didn’t take too long, and we were on the road.  It was a cold job just the same.

We enjoyed the “gathering” of the RV Dreams chat room folks.  Or the Dortha Hall Group as the campground referred to us as, since Dortha had made the initial arrangements.  

We didn’t see too many of the folks out by the time we left, but I did drive up and say goodbye to Speedy, since he was out packing up things to leave himself.  I understood that some of the remaining folks were to get together later Saturday night, but we were out of here.

It was only 68 miles to the West side of San Antonio, and the Blazing Star RV park next to Sea World.  Our son Ben, Danielle and the kids were already here, since they arrived late in the evening yesterday.

We got set up by mid afternoon, and started all the family routines, that we have not been part of since December.  As I write this late at night, two of the three kids are here in our RV with us, as their folks are visiting an old friend from their high school days.  They have Ema with them, but I am sure she is zonked on one of the beds at the friends place, since there were no naps today.

Tomorrow, they will attend Sea World.  I for one do not want to deal with the all day walking on the neuropathetic feet.  That would be torture for me, so I will hang back.

Perhaps it will warm up some here in Texas tomorrow.  It is still barely 50 degrees, and it was warmer in Kansas today than it was here.  That should change next week.

Retired Rod

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  1. It was such a pleasure to get to meet you and Loyce. I look forward to another great visit somewhere down the road.

    Safe travels until then.



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