Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sloppy Snow and a Frozen Gear Shift

The rain lasted all night.  We hovered around freezing but the ice didn’t stick.  The ground must be warm enough to keep it melting.

It rained quite hard here this morning, and big ice chunks slid down the outside of my windows.  They were enough warmer from the heat inside that the ice couldn’t stay frozen.  Slush began to pile up on the concrete.

By about 2 the ice began to be snow.  Then the flakes became bigger until they were the size of 50 cent pieces.  By 4 the ground was covered and the temperature was 34.

Tonight we went to a bar and grill that is a local chain here in the Kansas City area called 54th Street.  We drove the 4WD truck, thru the 5 or 6 inch deep slushy snow.  When I arrived at the restaurant, enough slush had gathered under the truck so I had trouble getting out of gear with the floor shift.

While we were in the restaurant, the whole thing froze up and I can not shift the truck into neutral or out of park.  But it is not in park solidly enough to engage the park start switch, so the key will not start the truck.  It is still sitting over at the restaurant.

Hopefully the warming of the day tomorrow will warm the truck enough to allow some of the slushy snow to fall of from underneath, allowing the gear shift to move normally.  It is supposed to warm into the 40s, and stay above freezing for the rest of the day.

Anybody had trouble with a Ford F150 not shifting in the snow?  I have had the truck for 2 years, and have never had this happen before.  Wet spring storms are really a mess.

But it has to get warmer, Right?

Retired Rod

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  1. oh dear that is not good. Hope you get it woriking today. I sure hope we don't have that kind of weather when we get home. From the weather reports from home the chances are pretty good that we will. Good luck to you.

    Brenda Brown


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