Monday, March 9, 2009

And were off

We are ready to roll in the morning.  Its about 10:30 PM as I write this, and that is Mountain Daylight time.  But Arizona didn’t change to daylight saving time last night like the rest of the country did.

So Arizona clocks are the same all the time.  But California and all the folks in the Pacific time zone sprang forward and now match Arizona.  Confused?  We are.  I did change our clocks, since we are leaving Arizona by mid afternoon tomorrow, we might as well get with the program right now.

I looked, and Arizona is an option on the computer as a specific time zone.  So, they are in a world all by themselves here.

I wish we could have hooked up the trailer to the truck today, as that would be easier when there is no time constraint, but our site is only 35 feet deep.  The truck would be out in the street, so we will have to do that in the morning.

We plan to drive as far as Deming, New Mexico, tomorrow where there is a SKP park along the interstate.  They do not take reservations, but the lady at the office told me there is no particular problem with us having a site for Monday night.  We can press on to Las Cruces if necessary.

With the air card, I am hopeful to get connected tomorrow, but there is no Wifi or cable TV at the SKP park, so if we are gone off the face of the earth, you will know why.

Retired Rod

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