Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A day at the tag office

I darned near forgot to post something tonight. I was sitting here reading the Escapee's magazine and time disappeared. I was lost in the world of solar upgrades, and how to cross the Canadian boarder.

Today was renew the truck license day. It is licensed at our lake home in Missouri. All of our toys have Missouri licenses, since we primarily use them in that state. Since the truck will be pulling these toys, we also register and insure it in Missouri.

This causes a problem when it is time to go get the license renewal. Usually we go to the lake place, and then go get these things taken care of from there. But today I felt I needed to get this license over in Missouri here in the Kansas City area. My insurance agent told me that I didn't need to come all the way down to the lake just to get this done, so I was out to learn something.

Missouri has an inspection sticker that is required in order to get a new license tag, so off I went to get inspected. We had to do this with the used cars we were selling this past summer, so I had a garage in Belton that we had used. They remembered me, so I got right in and in no time I had a new sticker.

As I have blogged before, Missouri is a personal property tax state, where you have to go declare everything and pay the tax at the county court house. You then take your paid receipt to the license bureau, and they check it all out. Proof of insurance, your drivers license, questions about your Missouri residence, since the DL was at the Kansas address. It all started to make me nervous that I might not answer correctly and mess up the whole shebang.

But I now have new design plates with the all important 2011 sticker in the middle. It only took about 3 hours of running around. I was mad when I got home, because it dawned upon me that the pontoon boat also needs a new tag, and I could have gotten it too. Can't think of everything.

This afternoon, it was outside and under the trailer to re fasten the metal flashing material that had come loose at the bottom of the siding. The very windy conditions we have been experiencing since Sunday morning, had blown this out of its fasteners. With a drill and some sheet metal screws and washers, it is reattached. Jayco should actually be fixing this under warranty, but then we saw how good their warranty was on the awning, so it is not worth the fight.

Tomorrow we will take the trailer to its new storage lot. Some paper work will need to be filled out and copied, and the money paid, but then we should be good to go.

Routine stuff, but all in the life of an active RVer.

Retired Rod

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