Monday, March 2, 2009

A down day!

We just hung out today, not doing much all day.  I put the awning back down this morning, as the wind from yesterday has gone away.  Then the sun screen was installed to block the morning sun so I could sit outside.

Loyce was working on her many craft projects inside, and the day warmed up nicely.  So nice in fact that I dozed off in the recliner lawn chair.  Well the sun was out and all, you know.

So when noon came and went, we finally decided that it was necessary to go back to the swap meet.  For some T shirts.  Loyce thought she knew where the booth was that she couldn’t find Friday.  So we went out there again today.

Amazing how much time one can spend walking around all these booths.  We separated and stayed in communication with our cell phones.  She found the T shirt shop, and we met back there.  My ankle was hurting, so I went on to the car, but Loyce braved on to more shops.

Tonight we have been hanging around home, but have been talking to the neighbors that are leaving in the morning, wishing them all the See Ya Laters, as we all are promising to return next year.  Plans in Jello, LOL.  But who knows we may be pining to be back here, well before next winter.

The desert is beginning to have a very pleasant smell to it, that is quite noticeable when you are outside.  Like flower blossoms, a sweet almost light perfume odor.  This must be from the many blooms beginning to come on the cactus.  We are new to the desert this year as we have never been here, for more than a week at a time.  This is a new experience for us.

As of tomorrow, we will have one week left here.

Retired Rod

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