Thursday, October 1, 2009

Loading up and a Birthday party!

The motor home came over to the house this morning, and has stayed all day.  It did not go back to storage tonight, as we will pull out by noon tomorrow.  I hope!

We really are not taking a lot of food stuff, as we will be leaving the rig and traveling by car, over the weekend.

I'm not sure what I did all day, as I never started the motor scooter.  Seems as though I spent a bunch of time at the command prompt in ubuntu linux, removing and reinstalling the latest Sun Java programs.  I'm not too good at the command prompt, and have to follow instructions very carefully, since even one letter typed in wrong kills the entire project.

Once you know the commands, you recognize mistakes more quickly, but since I am largely copying commands written by others, errors go unnoticed.  I was to enter the file /etc/jvm, and inadvertently entered /etc/jvn.  It took me the longest time to see the difference.

I never did get the application that I wanted to run correctly, but installing the latest version of  Java sure made facebook run a lot better.

I went to the bank and got some cash, and then carried a bunch of clothes out to the rig closet.

Tonight we had a birthday party for Emmerson, who turned 6 years old.  She went to school this year for kindergarten, since she missed the cut off last year by about a month.  She goes all day though, in a pilot program for kids who's parents think they can handle it.  Heck she's been going all day to preschool since she was 2 years old.  She would be lost if she had to cut back to half days.  Happy Birthday Ema!!!

Retired Rod    

Happy Happy Happy, I get to make diesel fuel into smoke tomorrow!


  1. Yes, I've smoked a little diesel fuel myself when I drove school bus years ago...

  2. Thought you might be interested in this RV Blog I came across this morning because it has an amateur radio

  3. Great new header picture of the air balloon, Rod. Tell me again why you're using Ubuntu - lol!


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