Monday, October 5, 2009

The trip back to Des Moines

I know I promised pictures, but it is after 10 PM again as I finally get this computer out of the laptop case and booted.  The camera is locked up in the car, which is next to the motorhome in the next site. They have all gone to bed, and I think I should leave it that way.

We were up at 7 this morning, as the whole motel came alive, with kids running thru the halls and stomping on the floor above us.  My head hurt, from no sleep, as I hear every little sound in places like this and never really go completely to sleep.

Breakfast was one of those continental types, but they also had sausage links and biscuits and gravy.  The attraction was the waffle irons and a fresh waffle mix machine.  But since syrup is not really on my diet, I had to pass on that.

We spent the longest time saying goodbye, in the parking lot, which is traditional on the wife's side of the family.  And then at the stroke of 11 AM we were off for the 250 mile trip back to Des Moines.  I had my wife's sister Kathy following me in her car.

I spent 20 plus years as an auditor in Iowa traveling from farm Coops to the next town and their Coop.  So a map is not of much use to me.  We snaked from town to town on all manner of roads, eventually arriving in Des Moines about 4 PM.

We had stopped for an hour in Grundy Center where the girls used to live when they were kids.  That was a bit of fun, as they reminisced being preacher's daughters in small town Iowa.

We then traveled on to the campground where we slowly backed the motorhome out of its parking place in the muddy field. We crossed the culvert in the ditch between the storage field and the main part of the campground.  I parked on an empty site, and set up enough for Loyce to begin working our stuff out of the trunk.  I had to go re register, since our fees had expired.

Tonight we went over to Loyce's dad's house, where another daughter Betsy lives with dad.  Leroy is 94, and enjoys the company of his daughters very much. So we had an evening meal and told stories new and old into the night.

So that brings me back here well after the campground has retired for the night, and without any blogs read for the day or those pictures that I promised processed and ready to put on line.

Tomorrow we have to get over to the RV dealer, and see if we can get some of our repair items addressed.  That should make an interesting day!

Retired Rod


  1. Choose pic in Picasa 3 - look for Export folder at bottom & click. Next menu leave 'Resized to:
    You will see a box under that so start with a number like 910 or 945. Ours is 910 right now & fits our desktop frame to frame just fine but is a little short on our laptop screen. Press 'Export' but make sure you know where to find it!! Open Blogger Dashboard & go to Layout & I think you know where to go from there up to 'Edit' etc. You make have to work that 900 number a bit until you find the right fit......:))

  2. Ok we are expecting those pictures any day now from you... Sounds like you are really staying busy with the family and all. Have Fun & Travel Safe!

  3. Sounds like you've been busy, Rod. Take your time and wind down then you'll have all kinds of time to post the pics from the comfort of your own home! Had to read Al's comment a few times before I realized he was talking about your header picture - thought I'd missed something in your blog!


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