Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Repairs and the Wedding Pictures

Again we had to get up at 6:30 to get ourselves organized and packed for heading into the repair shop at our dealer.  It took us 30 or more minutes to drive to the shop, and we were there by 9:30.  We completely skipped breakfast. 

Once we went thru the list with the mechanic, we took off for the Village Inn in Altoona.  I had the grand slam or some such mega breakfast, and Loyce had a skillet that had the kitchen sink in it.

From there we went and investigated the Core of Engineers park at Saylorville Lake North of Des Moines.  Most all the parks were closed for the season, but Cherry Glen is still open, and to make the story short, we are there tonight, with water and electric.  We do have to watch our usage as we are filling the sewer tank.

Tonight we were back over to the Father in Laws to visit with the family.

Of course, they didn’t get all the stuff done that was on our list as they are in need of parts, and do not have them from the factory.  At least that is the story.  I’m not sure they will ever get the parts, so I will have to call the factory myself.

This should be an ongoing story about Tiffin, and I will report on it as it plays out.

I promised some of the pictures from Nick and Lindsay’s wedding, so they will follow.

DSC_0412  Nick in the center, and his brothers.  As the ceremony was getting under way, it was 45 degrees, and the rain was pouring out of the sky.  Remember we are on an island like finger of land that sticks out into the Mississippi river.

Mom and Dad lead the  bride to the tent where we are all hiding from the wind and cold. 



The vows


The kiss the bride part.  I jumped the gun a split second.


Presented as Mr and Mrs, I’m not sure which one is more pleased. They both look happy.


Our family shot.  I had one of the fellows from the other side take the picture, so I am the old white hair guy behind Nick.


This cake is awfully gooey!


The testimonials, they are always a stitch.


You can just tell this guy is up to no good, while the brother looks on with a non committal “I know nothing expression.”


The first dance, quite the couple, we think anyway.  But then this is after several years of dating so they have been together as a couple for several years.


We wish them all the best, for a wonderful life together!

Retired Rod


  1. Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures with us Rod! Looks like the new bride and groom are indeed a happy couple! We wish them all the best!

  2. Wow what fabulous pictures Rod... I love weddings and thanks for sharing these pictures with us... Just beautiful! The couple are just glowing.
    Have Fun & Travel Safe!


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