Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The sprinkler guy came.

More 40 degree rain and drizzle.   So it was inside stuff again today.  The weather so handicaps my activities.  I have all this stuff on my to do list, but it is mostly outside work.

Speaking of outside work, the new sprinkler man from the new company arrived here at 10 AM this morning, and went directly to work. I joined him in the front yard as he was removing the cover from the anti back flow valve.

Two men standing in the rain looking down a hole in the ground.  He did something different right off the bat, as he hooked his compressor up to the first test chamber in the backflow valve, rather than the PVC port that the previous installer had installed for the blow out procedure.

This took me by surprise, as most of the guys blow out the system, and then just open the valve and let it drain by gravity.  He felt that he wanted the air to blow out the valve and completely clear the backflow chambers.

Makes sense, but it is not how the rest of the folks had done it in the past.  I wondered if the air would damage the foot valves in the anti back flow valve.  He did not leave it open, but rather closed it all up after he was done.  He claims all I need to do is turn on the water in the spring, since it is back to its normal run position.  With the main water valve off of course.

I spent some time getting ready to go see the Doc tomorrow, making lists of my current meds, and all the blood sugar readings since I was last in.

I am getting ready to go in tomorrow, mentally more than anything else. Seems like when you are getting along fine, they want to change it all and revamp your entire life.

Retired Rod

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