Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It goes this way some of the time.

Since I blogged all day long while I fought with the template and header picture, I will invite you to go back and read my frustration and then the solution.

We had a day just like that today where everything I tried seemed to not be as it should be.  I called the Doctor's office and could not get an appointment to go in fasting, until after we want to leave here for Arizona.  That is a normal thing, they want you to make appointments over a month in advance.  Heck, I do not know what I will be doing next week.

But we have figured out to get my labs done first, and then see the Doctor in the afternoon, and after lunch.  That will be on Wednesday.  And that is good.  Get it out of the way.

We then tried to set up an appointment with the lawn sprinkler folks to get the pipes blown out, before we leave.  Long time readers will remember that I have routinely fought with these folks, as their bid never is what they charge,  and they never arrive when they say they will.

Perhaps I wasn't the only person to experience this problem, as their web site is off the air, and the phone numbers now go to a voice mail on personal cell phones.  I quickly decided that I didn't need their service anyway. 

So tomorrow I have an appointment with a newer bigger company here in South KC to get the system blown out.  Again they wanted to defer to after November, but some haggling, and suddenly they would be here overnight.  Time will tell on that one!

So the header picture is fixed and the appointments are made.  Not too exciting, but productive toward getting on the road just the same.

Retired Rod

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  1. You're right Rod, some days are 3 steps forward and 2 steps back for sure. Looks like you're making good progress though.


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