Friday, October 2, 2009

In Des Moines for a night.

Its late at night again, and we are in the Motorhome parked at the Timberline Campground just outside of Waukee, Iowa.  This is the Western edge of the Des Moines metro area.

We are in the country, and on a converted farm, way in the back of the place.  Our windows face the north grove, and the fence line of the property.  The fields seem to stretch forever beyond the campground.

We are only about 3 miles north of the I 80 interstate, but are sufficiently far enough that I can only hear the wind in the slide toppers.  Wind?  Why yes we had some wind on the way up here.

It seemed to start just as we were crossing the state line,  and suddenly the grim reaper had a hold of the side of the Rig!  Shaking me violently. I fought the battle for the next 70 miles.

The rain started about 50 miles North of KC, and we had 55 degrees most of the afternoon.  Tonight it is much colder, but I haven’t looked yet to see how cold.  I just set the propane heaters, to keep us in the mid 60’s. 

We also have an electric space heater in the bedroom too.  We should be like a bug in a rug.

Tonight we went into a Chinese buffet that my ham buddies use for a Friday luncheon meeting.  They have more food than you can possibly eat.  But I tried to get some of everything.  Well not exactly, but I sure am full.

The leaves are falling from the trees, and I hear them on the top of the rig, and the slide toppers make kind of a popping noise.  Then the silence is deafening.   I live in the city, and am used to all kinds of city sounds.  From our house I can hear the trains in the distance, and the constant noise of the cars on the major street two blocks North.  There’s the wind in the trees again.  Whooooosh……………..

Retired Rod

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  1. When it's that quiet, I find my ears ring, probably straining to hear anything but finding nothing!


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