Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Picking up the repaired motorhome.

But it won’t track the satellite when I move the coach or even drive a little way.  The switch says track and the instruction book says to hold the track button 3 seconds and then it will track.  This is the King Dome on the top of the motorhome.  Its set up for receiving direct tv.

So I ask the repair fellow how to make the dome track.  And I make a big to do about demonstrating the dome finding the satellite and holding the track button just like the book says.  Then I started the motor and drove backwards with the wheel turned.  The dome immediately  lost the signal and couldn’t get it back.

The repair guy takes his hat off and scratches his head, and admits that he has no idea.  I ask him what I need to do to get it repaired. Where do I go to find someone that does know how this works?

So he calls a friend on his cell phone, a mystery gentleman that must work for someone else, or perhaps it was a co worker in Minneapolis.  They have a long discussion about the dome, and finally decide that they need the model and serial number.

The repair guy climbs up the back ladder and examines the dome, recording the data.  The guy on the other end of the phone must have a way to look the numbers up, and declares that we have a stationary dome.  One that only picks up the signal once it has stopped.  If the coach is moved, you must reboot the entire system from off and wait until it goes thru the entire routine again.

I was amazed, and break out into a frenzy asking why, almost like one of my three year old grand kids.

So how do I verify this fact, or should I just follow in line and believe what I was told?  I have the buttons for the tracker dome, but not the equipment that it is supposed to run?  I fell silent, not knowing how to respond.  I never have seen an official equipment list, so I can’t even be mad. 

As I left the parking lot, the CO detector starts beeping madly in the back bedroom.  Protesting the presence of a gas that will kill me, that they tell me does not exist.  It beeped all the way to the campground.

Retired Rod


  1. Oh dear, sounds like your having a beeping bad time there!!

  2. Remove the in line fuse. By law they have to put the propane detector in there but you can smell propane. We've disconnected ours because of the same problem.

  3. Sounds like you've got a few things to keep you busy Rod. If you are supposed to have the trackable dish, then that should be an easy fix - if not, then...... As for the beeping, I guess you could try what Sandra mentioned and see if it works - then, find out why it does that. If it doesn't stop the beep, then it's more serious I guess. Good luck and let us know the results, o.k.

  4. Good Morning Rod... We have had trouble with our CO detector from time to time... It seems to do it when the batteries are low. I would have to ask my husband the full details... As far as your King Dome... We have the In-Motion dish on our motorhome. To track while moving it needs to be an in-motion dish.... If it is it would pick up the satelites automatically when you are driving just by turning it on and you can watch tv going down the road... Of course with the inverter on! The Auto Track only finds a satelite when you are stopped. It will automatically find and lock on to the signals unlike old days when you had to turn it by hand to look for your satelites... If you move the rig it will have to redo the whole setup again.... Aren't these a pain in the BUTT!!!!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe!!!

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