Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lake Ozark / Pontoon oil change

I was off to the Lake of the Ozarks by mid morning and had a pleasant drive here, arriving sometime after lunch.

I went directly to the Wal Mart, and purchased the supplies to service the oil in the pontoon boat.  I blogged about this service procedure last year, and it is one of the most searched blogs that I have ever written.  Seems that it comes up in Google when the outboard and oil change is searched.  If you want to review the blog from last year click Here

I spent about three hours going thru the same procedure that is outlined on last years blog, only
removing last years oil and installing clean new oil.  I took the used jugs back to Wal Mart, as they take used oil, and that is environmentally acceptable.

Again it is so quiet here at the lake in the winter.  All of the houses are vacant, and closed up for the season, except my neighbor directly to the North.  They are retired, and keep mostly to themselves, so it seems as though no one is around. 

I went into town, and went to the Pizza Hut, but they didn’t have any customers.  None!  I ordered a little personal pan, and sat and talked to the manager, since he had no tables and very few phone orders.

I was back on the D Star digital radio again tonight, this time using the Verizon Air Card as a connection to the internet, and then talking on the distant repeaters.  While not perfect, it is very acceptable.  There were several stations from Great Britain in the mix tonight, but I just listened to them, as they had many folks trying to make the contact.

I will button up the lake house tomorrow, and head back to KC, so blogging will be late in the evening again.

Retired Rod

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  1. Hi Rod, I don't have a Pontoon boat with a Honda engine, but I did go back and read your post from last year. It was really interesting especially with the pictures. I'm all set now - all I need is a boat and a motor!


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