Friday, October 2, 2009

Prairie Du Chien

Just a quick post to say we are at the Country Inn's and Suites in Prairie Du Chien, Wisc.  We are here to participate in the marriage of Loyce's niece Lindsay, to Nick Harzel. 

We arrived late this afternoon, and several others arrived at the same time. It was rain rain rain all the way up here, and it is about 45 degrees here and overcast.

We did a hurry up packup of the Motorhome, and jammed it over the rain culvert to the storage side of the creek.  Let's hope it doesn't rain so much we can't get it back out.  After locking thing up, we blasted out of Des Moines in the car.  Never stopping for a minute anywhere until we arrived in Waterloo. 

We got off the Highway 20 bypass at the crossroads shopping mall, and did a quick Burger King!  Not too healthy, but it was quick and we were back on the road.  We kept at Highway 20 until Dyersville, where we intended to head North to Guttenburg.  We ran smack dab into the homecoming parade from Beckman Highshclool.  It blocked the highway right thru the center of town.  With the railroad tracks and creeks thru town, there was no bypass.  The GPS was befuddled!

I am stuck in a hotel for the next two nights, so lets hope the party is a long one, and the internet access doesn't become slow.  Or I'll be goofy by Sunday. LOL

Retired Rod

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  1. You might have already been there long enough for that to happen

    Safe travels


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