Saturday, October 17, 2009

Headed to Des Moines again.

Wow its after midnight and I haven’t posted anything!  That’s because I didn’t do too much to post about.  But I was out and about most of the day just the same.  Now where did I go?

I went after a trailer hitch ball at Wal Mart, and got an oil filter for the tractor at the Lowe’s over by Wal Mart.  Then I went to Freightliner garage.

There I learned that they want $225 to service the oil and filter in the motorhome.  Wow that seems a tad high, but it takes 17 quarts.  Its $11 a gallon at Wallyworld.  That would be $47 bucks with the extra quart.  Filter is under $10.  They do make a profit on this service. 

The problem is that with 17 quarts in the rig, it is hard to have a way to drain that much out and catch it all at once.  Diesel oil is black black nasty stuff.  If I mess up and spill the stuff, my neighbors would go berserk.  Would have to do it in the street, and a mess out there would attract too much attention. 

I didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to make the appointment,  need to think about it some.

We are getting ready to go back up to Des Moines again this weekend, as we need to go see Loyce’s dad and celebrate his birthday.  We will be moteling it  on Saturday night, so posts will become iffy till I get back.

Retired Rod


  1. My diesel truck takes 15 qts of oil, and I wouldn't even know where to begin doing it myself. I usually pay anywhere from $75-$125 to have mine serviced, but I would cry over $225. Good luck if you go for doing in yourself.

  2. Rod do you have a Speedco in your area? They strickly cater to big trucks and they do MH too. They are reasonable also. Our rig holds 23 qrts of oil and to change it and all filters we paid aroud $168

  3. Oil changes are expensive on Deisel Motorhomes but when have ours done they also do so many other things too... It is just to messy to do ourselves... LOL LOL Have a great day Rod!

    Travel Safe

  4. Rod, you might make the national news if you spilled diesel oil down that nice street - just like the skipper of the Exxon Valdez! Don't suppose you'd want that though! Our Silverado takes 10qts. and costs around $80 here for an oil, filter and service.


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