Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here we go!

As JB points out, I might have arrived here goofy, and the motel will not have any effect on that status.  LOL!

But it is now the lul before the storm, I am dressed and waiting for the little woman to get her final look together.  We have less than an hour to be out in the park where it is still 50 degrees and raining.  They have put up a big pavilion type tent, with sides facing the Southwest.  Of course that is the side that faces the Mississippi river.

The Vila Louis is on sort of an Island that protrudes out into the actual river, and if it would have been sunny and 70, it would have been really pretty.

I 'm sure it will be late tonight, so returning to post on the blog, will get me into more trouble than I can handle, so maybe tomorrow, I can sneak in a comment or two

Retired Rod

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