Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doing more stuff!

Today was a this and that type of day.  I couldn't keep on a single project all day.  My mind seemed to wander as I went here and there.

I went to Napa in the morning, and found that they had one of the fuel filters for the motorhome but not the second one.  Well that's not quite right, they had the secondary, but not the primary.

Again studying the internet has added some light to the subject.   But I am still quite in the dark about the whole thing.  It seems that the Cummins folks have a filter on the engine, that comes with the engine when it is shipped to Freightliner.  It is a 7 1/2 inch tall cannister that they call the primary, but it is really the second filter in line.

The first filter is provided by Freightliner, and is in the fuel line coming from the lift pump.  I assume this pump is back by, or in the tank.  The filter is up by the engine and next to the Cummins filter.  Freightliner calls this the primary, and the Cummins filter the secondary.  Confusing huh?  Well just to add fun, I don't have the filter that the books say I have, rather I have a water separator.  It has a filter element in it, that must be replaceable without replacing the cannister.  But I don't know this for sure.  More questions, and no answers.

I did go get the utility trailer this afternoon, and began to load it with the stuff that we want to take with us this winter.  I find that we were spoiled a bit with the travel trailer and pickup truck with its grandpa style topper.

We could toss most anything into the back of the truck, and haul it to the campsite.  We even took the bicycles in the back when we went to Texas.  I had removed their front wheels, and laid them down.  We piled other stuff on top of them, and only got them out once we had arrived at our monthly destination.

And of course, I want to take the motor scooter to Arizona this winter, and Loyce wants her big bicycle, not the little folding one we bought in Denver the summer of 08.  Then there's the ladder, and the pile of folding chairs, and the outside table, and the quilting table.  Well you get the idea, we will be pulling the utility trailer behind the motorhome.

A lot of it was loaded this afternoon, as it is to rain yet again in the next few days.  I did ride the motorbike around a four block big square here in our neighborhood, but I about froze to death doing it. That warmed up the engine, and freshened the gas in the carburetor, but it freshened me a bunch more.

I thought about going to the storage lot and installing the fuel filter on the motorhome, but could not get up enough enthusiasm to go crawl under the rig again today.  Diesel fuel really has an odor, and permeates your skin,  you smell for days.  I am really putting this one off.

Retired Rod

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