Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back in KC once more

My head is spinning, as I am now back in KC.  We went to Wisconsin, then to Des Moines, now to the lake, and I am back in the home base recliner. Whew!

Actually I traveled as an auditor for over twenty years, and still remain able to head out at the drop of a hat.  It gets into your blood, and you can't get it out.  If I sit here in KC too long, I'm itching to get away.

Now Loyce on the otherhand doesn't like all this traveling, and would much rather stay put for longer periods of time.  She never had to travel in her work as a nurse, and doesn't get cabin fever like I do.

So after cleaning up the cabin, and tying down the pontoon, I turned the lock, and left Lake Ozark.  I did add Stabil to the gas in both the boat and the jet ski before I left.  Somehow we ended the season with over 20 gallons in the boat, so it took a bunch of stabilizer to pickle all of that.

Tonight I have been on the internet researching maintenance for the transmission in the motorhome.  Seems that it has special tranny fluid, and I need to use a matching fluid to top it off.  Of course it isn't available at any autoparts house, just at the Allison dealers.  And costs upward of $50 a gallon.

The dealers are quite limited here in KC, and the closest is 24 miles away.  This is why I didn't just go ahead with Freightliner service, since he indicated that they just used Dexron III.  It don't matter what you add to it as long as it is GM's Dexron, he told me.  Wrong!  If he adds old Dexron III it lessens my service interval to 30,000 miles down from 100K.  And it may well void my warranty.

You can't trust what many of these so called specialists tell you.  I found a service bulletin tonight outlining the reduction in wear brought about by using the newer fluids.  I'm still studying!

Stuff sure is complicated these days.

Retired Rod


  1. Rod the prior owner of our MH used the Castrol Transynd transmission fluid and gold filter kit Here in this area the transynd is $42 per gallon and the gold filter kit is $72. The maker claims if you use this product you can go further between oil changes. The local Stewart-Stevenson wats $250 labor to change the fluid.I have found a local garage that will charge $35 labor and I furnish the oil & filter. I'm sure you will post your findings on your research.

  2. Have you had any help from Tiffan on ideas of where to get the transmission fluid serviced? They always seem to have some good ideas when I call.

  3. Good Morning... Glad your all rested and back home... As far as transmissions being a girl I know nothing... LOL LOL BUT I know my husband has it done just to make sure our warranty is not violated... Have a great day!

    Travel Safe

  4. I admire your tenacity in taking on these maintenance jobs yourself, Rod. I'm still one of those who just takes my Silverado Duramax into "Mr. Goodwrench" for servicing with the hope that they know what they're doing!


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