Monday, October 12, 2009

More Minima Lefty Stretch

I have found the solution.  When you go into the edit screen on the header block under the Layout box, you have an option to discard the current photo.  Under that is two check boxes, to place the picture under the blog title text or inplace of the blog title text.

When you discard the photo with the replace check box, at the bottom of the screen, a third box shows up that says automatically shrink the photo to 725 pixels.  It is already checked, and needs to be unchecked before uploading the photo. 

Once unchecked, you then can upload a resized photo, and Al is correct that it needs to be 950 to 1000 pixels wide.  Keep the old aspect ratio and let the program resize the entire photo.

It was a miracle, as the picture suddenly centered itself.

So Al is right about the size needing to be around 950, but you have to turn off that autoshrink box, and it was off my laptop screen to the bottom, and I never scrolled down there to see it.  And, it only shows up when you discard the old photo. 

Retired Rod

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