Friday, October 30, 2009

Was it dry in Arizona?


I have Arizona on my mind!  This is the Az State Arboretum, last winter.  It was in January and overcast, but we still had fun.  I hope to go back again this year on a sunny day.

It began to rain in the middle of the night here, and didn’t let up all day long.  I never moved the cars all day.
We have had two of the grand kids here for most of the day, and that has occupied our time completely.  The baby came in the morning, and the 4 year old came in the afternoon.  Wow, they just left, and it is so quiet now.

I spent the day going thru piles of mail from the investment house.  It is boring but has to be done.  I used to keep all the stuff that they mailed out, but I would need a warehouse to store it all.  So now I look at it and if nothing raises a question, out it goes.

In the process, I found a bunch of pending bills, and got them mailed off, so we should be good to leave now.

Slowly all of the things necessary to accomplish before we head out are now in the done pile.  You would think we were going for 6 months, but we will be back before Christmas, as Loyce could never be gone during that holiday.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for outside stuff, and I can get back to packing the utility trailer.  Let’s hope!

Retired Rod


  1. And Kelly & I would never stay home for that holiday. We are soooooooo glad to free from all that last!!

  2. Arizona is best known for its desert landscape, which is rich in xerophyte plants such as the cactus. It is also known for its climate, which presents exceptionally hot summers and mild winters. Less well known is the pine-covered high country of the Colorado Plateau in the north-central portion of the state, which contrasts with the desert Basin and Range region in the southern portions of the state.


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