Monday, October 12, 2009

Lefty Minima Stretch

I've messed around with this style sheet template for the blog for the last "who knows how long" days.  It is lefty, meaning the Gadgets and Information blocks are on the left.  I'm not left handed, but I like the left setup for some reason unknown to me or anyone else.

This is also the stretch format, that allows the blog body to be wider, to the right, than the narrow little blog down the middle of the page.  But like what I like or not, it has what I consider a flaw.

The darned header picture is shoved all the way left.  Well you picked left, and the title says left, so why not left header picture?  But then the text of the blog title is centered.  I did mess with the text in the HTML code and got it to move to the left, but what I really wanted was to center the picture!

Al of the Bayfield Bunch sent me some ideas about resizing the picture, but the format resizes the picture back to the header size no matter what size you make it.  I tried Picassa to resize it and also the HP photosmart program that comes with my HP laptop, but blogger makes it smaller and puts it on the left.  No options!  You get what they like!

I have messed with all the HTML code trying to find where the Left instruction needs to be changed to center, but alas I'm just not smart enough to see how the picture under the text is working, or it is a function that is not on the extended code page.

It centers itself if I use straight minima lefty, but not when I use the stretch version.  I'm stuck in blogger land, so to speak.

So if you have messed around with this problem, I would love to hear from you.

Retired Rod


  1. Co-incidentally Rod, my post for to-night will be about that stretched blog thing. Is your balloon pic regular size or has it been cropped. Looks more square than retangle to me. Normal size is better to start with. I would do one thing at a time. First get your stretched template up & running & then add your regular sized photo later with Picasa-Export-Layout. Start with a picture size number around 925. I have never had to do anything with HTML stuff. What is that anyway...HotTomatoMeatLoaf??

  2. Looks like you already have your 'stretch' under control. Try a diffent photo maybe....should work. Have you tried threatening your computer with a hammer!!

  3. Hi Rod, just happen to stumble on your blog. I was wondering what gadgets did you use for your states visited and the Where are we now. If these questions sound silly it's because I am new to the Blogging universe. I'm assuming those things are gadgets.


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