Monday, October 12, 2009

A slow day and a trailer hitch.

So now how would it work out if you spent three days in a row worrying and fretting over a forecasted freeze?  Yep you guessed it! The lowest temperature reached in the KC area last night was 35 degrees.  Something about we kept our cloud cover, trapping the warmer air under them.  Thus not allowing the colder upper air to swarm in and freeze us. 

The forecast was based on clearing during the night and then much colder.  But it never cleared all day, and never got much warmer than 45 all day either.  As I write this, we show 41 on the weather station.  That was just cold enough to keep me inside all day.

I did go out and crawl under the Camry to look at the rear underside to see if the necessary bolts and welded frame nuts were on my vehicle, to attach a small trailer hitch.  I found them just as pictured on the internet.

I then ordered a class II hitch for the Camry.  It is a 2.4 L four cylinder, and I know I can’t pull anything very heavy or very far, but if I can use the car to jockey the trailer into a parking place at the campground, it will be so much easier than parking the trailer with the motorhome.

At least that is my thinking at this point.  Drop the trailer and park the motorhome on its spot.  Then park the trailer with the car at 1 mile per hour.  Even the four cylinder should be able to handle that task.  Otherwise I will always have to have pull thru sites.  Everywhere!  Always and everywhere are not reality in the real world.

Today has otherwise been a stay at home, do nothing day.  I have studied the ham radio DStar stuff for most of the afternoon, and researched blogs on the internet for the rest. 

After watching college football yesterday, I left the TV off for all of today.  But I am still savoring the Hawkeye win.

Retired Rod

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  1. Good Morning Rod... It is cool here too but not that cool... and rainy! We haven't been up to any thing and so I haven't posted in a while... I am hoping for some sun today but it rained all night and the forecast doesn't look that great. Good time to catch up on the books. Glad to hear about your car being able to suppport a hitch... That should free you up some.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe


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