Friday, October 23, 2009

More sheeting rain

Today was an inside day!  It began raining in the middle of the night, and it got harder as we progressed toward morning.  It was a fine misty kind of a rain that blew with the wind.

I checked on the UPS site, and found that my little Allison oil filter would not arrive until tomorrow, but then I'm not about to lay under the motorhome in the cold rain anyway.

So about lunch time I made the trek over into old Olathe, Ks.  I went to the O'Reilly autoparts store and purchased a case of Castrol Syntec gear lube.  Another of the little tasks at 5,000 miles is a rear end lube change.  So since it takes 5.8 quarts, the six pack case was just right.

But it rained all afternoon, so the oil is still in the front footwell of the car.

We had our 6 year old grand daughter here all day, and Ema is a real treat.  She is old enough to read some and write most of her letters.  She is in kindergarten because she just missed being 5 last year.  So she's the oldest kid in her class.  They say she is not challenged,  dah, what do they expect?

We had all sorts of fun, but nothing to blog about.  It did quit raining by about 4 PM, but the ground was waterlogged.

So that let the day slip by into the sunset, but there is a baseball game on here tonight, so that will occupy the rest of the day.  That is if I don't fall asleeeeeeeeep........................

Retired Rod


  1. You scare me with all the maintenance you do that I don't do! I hope you are nearby when I break down on the highway some day.

  2. Nothing wrong at all with an inside day, Rod - especially when you have a young granddaughter over to entertain you. That sure beats crawling under a MH and getting covered in dirt and grease!


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