Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Engine oil today.

Today I had the motorhome back over here to do the changing of the engine oil.  It was a straight forward oil change like everyone knows how to do.  The only difference is the oil pan holds 15 quarts.

That would not be a problem, except I have a 4 gallon oil drip pan.  So I had to let part of the oil out, and empty the pan into my disposal jugs, and then let the rest out.  I didn’t want an overflow into the street.  The neighbor ladies watch me carefully to see how much mess I am going to make.  I cut up the box from Loyce’s new chair, and put it under me, since I knew I would spill some on this job.

The filter on the Cummins ISB is on the passenger side, and way up towards the top of the engine.  I had to go buy a 10 inch extension to add to my 6 inch extension in order to reach up into the engine compartment. I used the same strap wrench filter remover from the other day to get the filter out.  Again, it was installed at the factory, and it was sooooo tight.  Now the new oil is in, all 17 quarts of it.  I dropped off the old oil at Wal Mart, as I don’t like that mess to stay at the house very long.

We are staying here until after beggars night again this year, but will head out before it freezes solid.   We really do not want to test out my winterization skills for more than a day or two.  We left around this same time last year, but I’m not sure what day we actually left.  Do you remember the cops came and chased us away with the travel trailer?  Neighbors……….

I do not think we have packed one thing, so it may take a while to get into the leave town mode.  Loyce likes the Halloween holiday too much to concentrate on anything else, until its over.

But for now I have most of the maintenance items complete, and we are mechanically ready to shove off.

Retired Rod

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