Saturday, October 24, 2009

No oil filter until late in the day!

Today wasn't much better than yesterday when it came to the weather.  We had some of the misty rain, but it was rumored to have been snow only about 50 miles North of the city.  Uck!

I started thinking I would go get the motorhome, since the oil filter would be here in the UPS truck, this morning.  But when I went out to the car to go get Caden, for his turn to hang out with us today, it was in the lower 40's. Burrrr.

So I decided that I would let it warm up some.  I read some blogs, and hung out while Caden and grandma left for quilting stores and other points of interest, (to Grandma) LOL. 

Around 1 PM I looked at the UPS tracking to see if the package was really coming.  Yep out for delivery.  So I headed out for a haircut.  Gota get short, if we're going to be gone for most of November.

After the haircut, I went over to the motorhome, and took it to the diesel station in Belton, Mo.  They are the cheapest place for miles, and the price today was $2.69. 

Kansas is almost up to $3 now, so prices are going back up in a hurry!  I am totally full now, 80 gallons, but I have never put in more than 70, since I am chicken to run down any lower than that.  Towing a motorhome because you were dumb enough to run out of fuel, doesn't seem too fun.

When I got back home about 3:30, the package still wasn't here.  Oh well!  I researched where to buy an oil filter for the Onan generator on the internet and learned that I needed to go to the RV dealer South of Olathe.  As I headed out, I passed the UPS driver!  Oops, I turned around.

By the time I got back from that little trip 12 miles each way, it was almost dark.  So the day was gone.

Tonight we took Caden to Fuddruckers for a big Hot Dog!  He really likes those, and his endless cup of Orange soda, that his folks won't let him have.  And yes grandpa got his sweet potato fries.  His sister Ema was supposed to go along too, but the rest of the family isn't feeling too well, so they all passed on the experience.

Its that time when the kids bring all the sickness home from school and daycare. 

Retired Rod

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