Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel and fun with Jean and Larry

We are back in KC tonight.  We left the COE park on Saylorville lake by 10:30, but spent some time at the dump station flushing the tanks.

Since we have to go to storage here in KC almost immediately the sewers must be clean when we leave a park on the last day. The hose fitting tank flush is a really big help in this regard.  I partially fill the tank, and let it go all at once, while the flush hose is hooked up.

We went to Winterset to meet up with Jean and Larry.  They live in the Greenfield area, but we each drove half the distance having lunch in the Bar and Grill next to the Pamida.  It was great to see these good friends again.  The gals went up town to Fond's and Porter's Quilt shope, to browse the latest supplies.

Larry and I went to Farm and Home but didn't buy anything.  Winterset is preparing for their annual covered bridge festival, and seemed to be quite busy today.

We had left the motorhome at the truck stop on I 80 and took the car to Winterset.  It was about 3:30 when we got back and headed South.

From there we drove back to KC, stopping in the Quick Trip truck stop North of the downtown construction mess.  They had diesel for $2.329, a good 12 cents below all the other stations in Missouri.  Iowa was $2.59.

Tonight we loaded our stuff out, and put the rig back in storage, it made a big day for us.

We started the day when the CO detector began to beep at 4:30 in the morning.  This is the second detector we have had in the rig, and it is in the bed pedestal.  We do not have an in line fuse, so to disable it we must remove a fuse in the fuse panel.  The problem with doing this is it kills most of the 12 volt stuff in the back bedroom, such as most of the lights.

It was really cold last night on the lake, and we had some frost this morning.  Both heaters were running at the same time, as well as the electric space heater, so together they must have triggered the detector.  We are not dead from sleeping in the RV so any CO that was present must have been slight.

I've rambled long enough.

Retired Rod

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