Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tests you can't studdy for!

I was up early to go into the Doctor's office for the fasting lab work, that all these Doc's want done these days.  But none of them arrive at the office before breakfast, and the earliest I could get in this morning, was 9:45.

The doc had left orders to the tech as to what tests I needed.  So I donated a few fluids, and was told to come back later.  I headed right for Mickey D's for a biscuit with sausage and egg!

Back at home, I couldn't really go anywhere, since I had to be back at the office in time for the 2 o'clock appointment with the Doctor.  He was there in the morning, as I walked right past him in the hallway, but my appointment was in the afternoon.

I won't go into detail about the exam, as some things are best left alone.  But lets just say they don't miss anything!

While I was home, the UPS truck came and delivered the big box with the Camry trailer hitch in it.  It was inside the box without any packing around it what so ever.  Like a big brick in a cardboard box.  When I stood the box on end, it fell over inside!

So after the doctor's office, I got all the tools out and managed to get the hitch up under and onto the back of the car.  It has 8 bolts that go in at various points in the frame of the car.  I had to take down the rear of the exhaust hangar, and put the hitch underneath, and then rebolt it all with bigger bolts.

It began to rain again, just as I was finishing up.  Luckily I was done, but I got rained upon putting the tools away. 

The hitch seems quite sturdy, and could probably haul a lot more than the 1,000 lbs that the car is rated for, but the engine and brakes of the Toyota are really not up to the task of pulling much more.

Remember, I plan to use this hitch for jockeying the trailer around in the campgrounds once we arrive.  This is only because it will be almost impossible to back up with the 38 foot motorhome.  Well, and see anything of what you are doing anyway.  The trailer wouldn't be visible, except in the dash camera.  I would hate to back up solely based on the camera.  Trouble!

So now the doctor's office is crossed off my departure list!  Yippy Skippy!!  And the trailer hitch is on the car.

Retired Rod


  1. I am trying to schedule doctor and lab appointments for the 2 wks or so that I will be in Asheville, and it will be a relief to have it over and done with. Lucky you, to now have it out of the way.

  2. Just had all my lab work done too... And luckily all was good! OK Cholestoral could be a little lower but it wasn't too terribly bad... Glad to hear your hitch went well... Have a great day!

    Travel Safe

  3. lab test form has been sitting on my desk for a few months now. I just can't stop myself from having a cup of coffee in the morning and that wrecks the fasting. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet one of these mornings and venture out the door without a jolt of caffeine to get the lab work done!


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