Monday, October 19, 2009

Travel to KC

We are back in KC again tonight.  We spent some of the morning back at Loyce’s fathers home, continuing our visit.  But as morning became afternoon, we felt we were overstaying and needed to head on out.

Betsy was the ever gracious host, and we enjoyed our visit immensely.  Thanks Betsy!

We didn’t stay any longer in Des Moines, but hit the road back here directly.  Again we have traveled this stretch of I 35 so many times, that we really begin to not see anything.  But the sun  came back out, and the temperature was up to 60, and I wanted to doze off in the worst way.  But I was driving!

So we stopped at the Iowa welcome center, on the Iowa side of the Missouri line.  Didn’t do anything except walk into the building and use the bathroom, but that was enough to wake me back up.  So we headed on down the road.  More road construction and driving on the wrong side in head on traffic, so I wasn’t asleep any longer.

Once home, we unloaded the car and settled in for the night.  That’s code for a nap, LOL!

Tonight, I have been using my computer to check into the various D Star repeaters, back in Des Moines.  We were trying to work a friend thru some technical issues, and that will burn up time rapidly.

Basically, I use the sound card in the laptop as though it was a radio in the distant town.  My voice is then transmitted on the repeater in Des Moines and folks listening there hear me just as though I was on a radio in my car in their town.  It is really quite neat.

Tomorrow I hope to head out to Lake Ozark, to secure the pontoon boat for the season.  I will be alone in this project.  I’ll blog from there!

Retired Rod


  1. That's a neat trick with the repeater, Rod. So, if you ever need to 'be somewhere else' - you've got it made!!

  2. WOw that really sounds interesting about the repeater... Glad you made it home safe & sound!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe


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