Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Loyce

Well Loyce was 39 again today, and she was busy talking to all her friends and relatives on the phone for a lot of the morning.  Seems she has a bunch of folks that helped her enjoy another year!

I'm kind of an old bum on Sundays.  I hung tight and read the internet for most of the morning, until I slipped over to Wal Mart and left off the jugs of oil from yesterday's changing session. 

There was more to change, but today turned into a rainy bog again before noon, just as forecast.  It has never let up since. 

We did slip over to Nebraska Furniture mart, and bought a new rocker recliner for Loyce as her birthday gift.   It was a pain getting the chair up the stairs to her quilting sanctuary but it looked nice once it was situated.

We celebrated, by going to Lone Star Steak house, which is in the same shopping center area as the furniture store.  She really likes Lone Star as compared to Texas Road House which is much closer to us in the South part of KCK.  So since we were up there anyway........

So our day was slow, but fun and happy even though it rained a bunch, and I didn't get to get all dirty laying under the RV.  But then I really do not look forward to being the consummate gear head either.  We kind of got ourselves into that situation by purchasing the rig in Des Moines and living down here.  Our dealer here is backlogged for months at a time, so getting on their schedule when you didn't buy it there is near impossible.

And yes they are like that, so that's why we didn't buy there in the first place.

Retired Rod


  1. Happy Birthday, Loyce!! And wishes for many, many more!

  2. ♫♪♫♪♫ Happy Birthday Loyce ♫♪♫♪♫

    Looks like you had a perfect day... Enjoy!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe


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