Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cave Storage

You want to go to the cave?  I’m going to get the boat and put it in storage in the cave.  Well sure!  Why not.

So that started out my day.  My son Chris decided we needed to go get his boat down in Central Kansas and bring it home.  In the process, we drained the water from his camper, as we are flirting with the edge of freezing temperatures. 

It only takes a minute to pull the plugs from his RV which is stored on the same lot where the boat was located.  We are not supposed to have freezing temperatures for more than a quick overnight, so it should never reach freezing inside the rigs.  So no antifreeze quite yet.  He has hopes of another weekend before the pink stuff is necessary.

The cave is quite the experience, as they are really old mines that have been excavated many years ago.  I am not sure what they took out of the hillside, but it is mostly limestone that remains.  There are pillars of rock that hold up the various rooms, and long runs of lighting, that have been added since we were there two years ago.  It used to be pitch dark in there.

The farther you go underground, the more eerie it gets. Boats campers and cars are stored in long rows around the pillars of rock that hold up the overhead.  I am always happy to get the heck out of there once the boat is parked.  At least this year there were some little compact florescent bulbs wired along the ceiling every now and then. 

I thought it was unusual, that the wires were not in any conduit between light bulb sockets.  They were just fastened to the overhead rock with some sort of insulators as they ran along the roadway.  Must not be any electrical code in the damp reaches of the cave.  Or perhaps the conduit would rust out.  What about PVC conduit?  Rather think there are no rules.  It is in Missouri, and most anything goes in that state.

I drained the motorhome tanks and pipes this afternoon, but again did not use the pink stuff, as it is only to get about freezing, for a brief time in the middle of tomorrow night.  Folks on the ham radio are talking about snow, hope they are wrong!

Retired Rod

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  1. Glad to see you're getting ready for the cold weather Rod. Our daughter called from Calgary, AB yesterday and it was -10C there last night...brrr!! Hope the cold front doesn't head down your way.


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