Friday, October 9, 2009

Recovery day and a call to Tiffin

Has winter arrived in a big way?  It seemed that way when we were in Wisconsin over the weekend, but it never occurred to me that it would follow me home to Kansas.

We spent today, never reaching 60 degrees.  I looked at the weather station all afternoon hoping that it would stop raining and warm up, but that just didn’t happen. 

Since we had been out and about for the last week, we had a down day today.  A charge your batteries type of day.  \

Loyce ran the washing machine almost all day long.  We have a front loader, and it takes almost an hour to finish a wash cycle, so when you have 6 or more loads from a week on the road, it takes a long time.

I made Taco Soup from the RV Dreams recipe, for a late lunch, but the second bowl became supper as well.  It is seasoned quite hot, and warms up the innards.

Otherwise I called Tiffin to see if I could get the parts sent to me that the RV dealer claims they can not acquire.  Within a few moments of explaining my windshield wiper troubles, they agreed to send me the switch and module that goes into the dash.  They also had the central vacuum wall plate that is broken as well.

I asked if my dealer had these parts on order, since they have blamed Tiffin for not sending them.  Tiffin has no record of ever receiving a request for these parts as warranty replacements for my vehicle. They use the VIN number to keep track of the warranty requests, and would have known instantly if there was a parts order, or any problem with the rig for that matter.

Perhaps the dealer just ordered the parts for stock without attaching a warranty claim on them, but Tiffin claimed they were current on all parts orders without any pending backorders for in stock parts.

So someone isn’t being up front with their information. 

Tiffin claimed that the parts will be shipped to me before tomorrow night.  Time will tell!

In the meantime I am more than frustrated with the RV dealer in Des Moines.

Retired Rod


  1. Good Morning Rod & Loyce, It has been raining here in Fort Smith all night too and we also have flood flash warnings... I am however loving the cooler weather. As far as dealers I have found in my expeirience there are not to many really swift ones out there... We usually have to call our manufacturer to get the ball rolling... Sadly it is agravating. Love your picture of the day today...

    Have Fun & Travel Safe!

  2. Rod, sadly your experience with the RV dealer doesn't seem to be that unique. I'm always completely amazed at the cavalier attitude RV service departments show towards their customers. I waited for a part for a month before checking and finding out it hadn't even been ordered - it is frustrating for sure. Glad to see you took matters into your own hands.


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