Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another slow Friday

When you come back to the same park at the same time of year as last year, you can look back and see what you did last year here.  And what is amazing is that the weather often duplicates itself during the same week as last year.

This is the weekend that we went to Quartzite last year, and it was quite hot while we were there.  And this weekend is to be hot too.  I'm not sure we will go to Q again this year, but then maybe not on the weekend, since there were so many folks there, that it was too crowded in the big tent.  Perhaps during the week next week.  That will make parking easier.

But just like last year, it is supposed to really cool off next week, and that happened last year too.   We had our friends from Iowa, Larry and Jean come during that week last year, and we were disappointed to have the weather cool to the early 60's while they were here.  You really want warm to happen when your friends drive all the way out here. 

But if cool is to happen, that might be a good time to do Q.

We had our calm and collected day today, where I sat outside and absorbed some sun.  I did a little wax polishing on part of the utility trailer to see if that seals in some of the clean, without so much aluminum staining from the rain.  Time will tell,

Loyce worked on a quilt all day, but since it is to be a gift, I can't tell anything about it.

Again late in the afternoon, I rode the scooter around to some of the neighboring RV Parks, but they are mostly just like this one with different neighbors. 

Tonight we watched some TV, but what made the show was it starred our niece Amanda, who does acting in California where she lives.  It was an "I shouldn't be alive" episode where she acted out the horror that the person experienced in real life fall in Moab, Utah.  She was very convincing portraying the pain and fright experienced by the lady that had the accident originally.  Nice job Amanda!

Our days are warm and slow and relaxing, just the way we like them.

Retired Rod

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  1. Been to Quartzite the last 3 years in a row & am soooooooo glad we won't be there this year. A year ago today we were lined up to get in the main tent first thing in the morning. I must have been suffering from temporary insanity or something. If I ever see Quartzite again it will be way too soon!!


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