Friday, January 22, 2010

Raining for more than 24 hours straight!

It continues to rain and rain.  It started about 1 AM and continued thru out the night.  The wind blew but not hard enough to whip the slid awning hard.  So we left them out.

I remember a couple of times, that I thought I should get up and close up the biggest slide, but went back to sleep when the wind seemed to die again.

The slide awnings do their job of keeping junk from the top of the slides, and keeping the rain from running backward into the slide and leaking into the coach.  You wouldn't really want to be without them, except!!!!    They are very susceptible  to the wind!  They flop in even the mildest wind, but as the wind picks up, they begin to flop harder, until they begin to snap.

When they snap hard enough, they shake the MH on its jacks.  When they begin to shake the whole rig, its time to bring in the slides.  Of course this means stowing furniture, and picking up all the stuff like you are going to travel. 

So far tonight, (Thursday), we have not brought in the slides, but we are right on the edge of the amount of wind we can stand.  If it should pick up just a little more, we will be forced to close up.  At least the big 4 foot wide slide with the table and couch in it.

The smaller 18 inch slides seem to be behaving themselves better.  We are very tight against the car port on the big slide side, so we hope that will give us enough cover to get by, but every now and then the wind is rocking us.

Today was Loyce's class at the Jo-Ann's fabric store, so I got to sit it out here at the MH, as she had the car.  It rained all morning long, but I spent the time on the phone to the Wal Greens prescription mail order facility.  We were changed to this service at the first of the year, but I have yet to get any prescriptions from them.

First they lost all my scripts.  Then they claimed they found them, but had to wait to fill some of them.  Then they claim they filled the one I was out of but it has been days since I ran out and they say just wait it out.  I explained that I had waited 4 days without medication already, and couldn't go on.  With threats of calls to the doctor, and the provider, they finally agreed to get me a few days worth of pills to get me by.

So this afternoon, I went to the local Wal Greens to get the pills, and they had never heard of me!  So after talking to the pharmacist, seems he did have a voice mail about me.  But he didn't know how to proceed.  Needed to make some calls.  I left and came back in and hour, and he had 5 pills in a little bottle to tie me over.  We'll see what happens next!!!

So I spent the rainy day on the phone, and driving back and forth to the drug store.  That was fun!

Retired Rod


  1. I don't use mail order for prescriptions, but I did have a really negative experience with a Walgreens pharmacy in Susanville, CA, and I would NEVER trust them. Driving to Susanville from Lassen where I was workamping was a 100 mile trip, that I had to make several times because of the pharmacist's errors. Not the clerk's or the assistant's errors - the pharmacist himself. Why don't you try a different service?

  2. I would if I could, but the insurance company has changed to Walgreens!


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