Monday, January 4, 2010

A really nice day

I went right outside and ran the power washer first thing this morning.  Before I got tied up doing other stuff.  The neighbors had left for the morning, so while they were gone, I started the Motorhome and the generator.

The engine in the MH hadn't been started since I parked here in mid November.  It fired right up without a hitch.  The generator took a lot more time to warm up before the starter engaged, but it too ran for most of an hour.

I think it is good and necessary to warm these engines up to their full operating temperature to cook out the moisture from the oil and crankcase.  The problem with diesel engines is that they do not ever reach full operational temperature unless you use them to do work.  As in drive.  I did switch off the electric post, so that the generator was carrying the load of the heater and water heater and the fridge.  But the only thing I could do with the truck engine was to rev it every now and then.

So with the washing complete and the engines warmed up as much as possible, we will be good for another month of sitting still.  We are slated to check out in the middle of February, but time will need to pass before we make that decision.

The day here was quite warm, as we reached about 74 on the thermometer on the side of the coach.  Even late in the afternoon, as I went over to Wal Mart, the car dash said 70.  Our neighbors were out in their shorts and T shirts sunning themselves.  I rode the motorcycle around in the park.  We have 9 miles of interior roads without leaving the complex.

I'm not sure what else we did other than read and read the blogs.  But sitting outside and reading in the sun or shade on a nice winters day was great fun.

Retired Rod


  1. I'm sitting here in front of the Cotton Ball Quilt Shop in Morro Bay CA waiting for Paulette. So I thought what better place to try out my new iTouch connected to my verizon usb760 and my cradlepoint router. It works great! I pluggeg the usb770 into the router, turned it on, and the iTouch and presto! This is just. Like having my own apple computer in my truck. This is a quilter's husband's dream!

  2. Rick, I can really relate to your needing something to pass the time while the wife browses every little thing inside! I can't believe your luck in winning that iTouch. I could use some of that luck, LOL


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