Sunday, January 3, 2010

No football today!

I promised I was going to do something constructive today!  Well only half of a constructive job.  LoL!

I went outside and began to putter around in the trailer, and put away the church roaster that we keep in the lockers underneath the coach.  Once in there, I noticed the chamois that I use on the windows when I wash the MH.

Well that caused me to think I should wash the front window so we could see out better, which led to hooking up the power washer, which led to washing off the muddy rain spots all over the rig.  But that's where the half a job came in.

In order to wash the driver's side which is up against the carport on our neighbors park model to the South, it was necessary to put in the big slide.  Loyce was using the inside table (in the slide) for her sewing, and it is a big pain in the back side. So I washed around to the slide on the front and the back, but never finished the job.  Rather I began to use that chamois to clean the water spots from the windows.

Chamoising a motorhome is a big undertaking, so I gave up and sat in the lawn chair about mid afternoon.  You know we don't want to get all carried away with work now!  Perhaps tomorrow I will put the slide in and wash the driver's side.  And then again maybe not.

It was 72 for a little while this afternoon, but fell back into the 60's as the sun faded away.  Tonight we are back down in the 50's, but we are only using the electric heaters.  We have never started the propane burners, as it hasn't been that cold.  We will be around 44 or so by morning.  But then as soon as the sun pops out we start all over again.

My neighbors claim it got down to 30 for a couple of hours while we were gone, but I have never seen it below freezing here in Phoenix.  We have been here three out of the last four years during the winter, missing 07/08 which we spent in the RGV in Texas.

It got really damp, rainy and cold down in South Texas for about 2 weeks in late January that year.  Mid 30's with overcast rainy foggy days.  We burned a bunch of propane and had the electric heaters going too.  We were trapped inside for about two weeks.  So that's how we started coming back here.

When its warm in Texas, it is warmer than here, but we do not have humidity or no see ums here and the sun always shines.  Well almost everyday anyway!

Retired Rod

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  1. Good for you, Rod, that's a pretty energetic way to start the new year! I was all set last night, I put the TV on expecting to see a football game last evening and - nothing! Boo!!


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