Friday, January 15, 2010

Pressure washing and another RV park.

We had rain last night, and it rained dust drops like usual.  Seems that the desert creates these dusty rain drops, that water spot everything. 

So this morning I started with the power washer to wash the motorcycle and the white utility trailer.  I will drive the car thru the car wash later because it water spots so badly.  The motor cycle was actually in the trailer when the rain came, but it was dirty from the last rain and the desert dust that collects on everything here.

For a while today the stuff looked fresh and clean, but tonight I could see the dust on the red bike already. 

But not to complain, we had another above 70 degree day, but I didn't look to see how high it actually got all day.  It was again drop dead warm and beautiful without a cloud in the sky.  They do say that next week will be cooler with temps in the mid 60's, which will be a shock, but still not like the rest of the country.

I do have to report that the new computer has operated favorably with Norton off of it.  One of my appreciated readers suggested that Norton would not completely remove itself without using their web site, but using the control panel to see what programs are installed does not report an incidence of Norton.  So I hope I got it all.

When I removed it, it offered  me the opportunity to Remove Norton, or Completely Remove Norton.  I chose to completely remove Norton where by it contacted its web site and promptly asked me why I wanted to remove it.  I typed a ? in the space and hit continue and it removed it from the machine.

I have had no downloads that were not requested today.  Yesterday was almost 300 meg of stuff in one day.  That's 9 gig a month, so we can't continue that.

This afternoon, I went out to Wendy's again for the little burger meal, and toured another RV park again.  This time it was almost all park models.  I wondered how they could call themselves a RV park.

They had a section of the parking lot around the real estate office that was marked off for RV's.  It was just a parking lot like Wal Mart only with about 4 foot dividers between rigs.  I saw slides that were nearly touching each other.  They were actually interlaced where the slides overlapped each other over the 4 foot divider.

I stopped and talked to some guys out in the street chewing the fat.  This was fairly easy since I was riding the bike.  They indicated that the park was condominium ownership, where each lot is deeded, and that the RV lots are the only park rented area.  They are considered overflow, but have become mainstream as folks have become accustomed to staying there.  What?

I was told that they intended to remodel the spots to allow more room for each camper, but that has to mean they intend to remove at least half the sites.   I think I knew these datails from last year, but had forgotten them.  The reason I am interested in this park, is that they have a ham radio station as a club activity.  Again, you have to be a owner of a lot to qualify for the radio club.  Oh well!

Now I know why I came back to this park.  (Cause the wife said so!)  LOL  We both think we will find something new next year, because we have wheels after all.

Retired Rod    


  1. How about posting a picture or two of the park models? Thanks. Sometimes when I'm really unhappy with my 5th wheel and think about alternatives, a park model is certainly one I have to explore as a possibility. I think I would rather rent a house though and keep a truck camper for the times I travel.

  2. I will have to go up and take some pictures of the park models on display here during the weekend. They should have them open, but I do not want them to think I am really interested, since they begin to hound you about buying one. Pressure from the sales force is not something I find desirous.


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