Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Tucson Quilt Show

Today was the Quilt Show in Tucson.  The quilter's guild.  We headed out in the mid morning for Tucson.  The weather was unsettled and rain was off and on all the way to Picacho Peak.

The desert was filled with standing water everywhere.  Flooded on both sides of the road, and Gila River had running water in it.  I have never seen water in the river before or a flooded desert.  The weather folks say we haven't seen this much rain since 1962.

I delivered Loyce to the Quilt show before lunch, and went to a fast food restaurant to hang out and read my latest book.  It is a navel novel, but is quite old and dated. Still it is good and I was happy during my 2 hour wait.  An endless soda was purchased from the restaurant, and the refill machine was right in the front.

Picking Loyce back up after we used the cell phones to arrange our rendezvous, we headed back North.  But she was hungry so we decided on a Subway at one of the interchanges North of Tucson.  It was just the ticket. 

Back on the highway, the rain again began to come out of the sky.  So much so that we had to slow well below the speed limit.  We hit the Phoenix area just in time for the rush hour.  But we had a good day and Loyce had some new treasures in the back seat.

Tonight was fairly boring, as I finished the book I had been reading.  The rain continues here off and on, but we hope for some clearing soon.  The forecast calls for more, during the weekend.  Maybe by Monday it will warm back up...........

Retired Rod

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