Monday, January 25, 2010

A NFL kind of day!

Our day started very cool, as I headed out on a walk at 7:30 AM.  Frost was all over the car and the roadways.  The morning temperature was 36, but this was a while after the sun had arrived, so I think it was actually cooler before I was outside.

I read the beginning of another novel, that I had selected at the campground library, and read some blogs, as at was finally time to begin the activity for the day!  FOOTBALL!!!!!

I have been glued to the TV ever since it began.  Nothing else was accomplished, other than the dumping of the black tank during the half time of the first game.  Since both teams were eastern, I really didn't have a favorite, but was surprised that the Jets began to win during the first half of their game.  Manning and the Colts seem so invincible.  As you know, they proved to be just that in the end.

The second game started, just as the first game ended, and I was mesmerized for another three hours.  This time I was rooting for Favre and the Minnesota folks, since I am from Iowa.  Of course I could never root for the University of Minnesota, when they play against any of the Iowa teams, but pro is much different.

As you again know, it was New Orleans in overtime, and I thought it was a shame to see the refs make controversial calls, that allowed the Saints to continue their winning drive.  That is football, and why being a sports fan is often a non fulfilling activity.  You can't take it too seriously, or you would drive yourself nuts.

At one point, I heard from one of the guys in Des Moines, that I go to the Dayton Hamfest with via a skype call.  He was quite surprised that he was able to use his camera even though we were both on telephone connections.  He uses dial up, and I an air card.  I honestly thought his connection was faster than my air card.  We seem to be really slow here in the park in Mesa.

So nothing else took place here except it became quite cold again as the sun set tonight.  We are forecast to see a low of 38 again tonight, We were up in the high 40's at night, and the heaters weren't running much, but now were back where they are operating full time.  Even here it is not spring yet.

Retired Rod


  1. The temperature here this morning at 9 a.m. is 4C or 39F and it's raining! The only difference is our high will only be 6C or 43F today and we'll be into snow showers tonight. So enjoy your weather!

  2. It sounds like you're enjoying the good life. We're in San Diego and are busy sending you our weather. More is on the way.

  3. I emptied our tanks before the games started, otherwise, our days were pretty much the same. I was cheering for the vikings too, but they completely self-destructed - too many guys in the huddle?? Too many "what-if's" - what if Favre had just run or thrown the ball away. What if Peterson had been benched? What if the refs had let the players decide instead of calling chintzy penalties. We'll never know and in the long run, it doesn't really matter a whole lot anyway, thank goodness!


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